Do you believe that you can now have your dinner in the sky? With so many hotels, restaurants and vacation spots everywhere, the sightseeing ideas offered by these establishments are becoming out of date. Therefore, competition is also getting stiffer (let´s exclude those who still stick to the classic type of leisure fun.) What about the idea to eat in style: at dinner in the sky in Brussels Belgium? And since it is natural for us to seek for the kind of staycation or vacation we can call OUTRAGEOUS, to get incurious of a venturesome action seem not worth the leave at all. Needless to say, this is the exemption of those with fear of heights, you can just settle for a dinner date in an overlooking restaurant!
Eat In Style: At Dinner In The Sky In Brussels Belgium

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Oh yes, I am freaking serious about this, cable car ride, Skywalk and Skydiving are no longer the only soul-ripping sky adventures you can try. You no longer need to lay flat like a flying squirrel in the air as the gravity pulls you back to earth, we are taking it in a new manner. Enjoy a glass of champagne with your scrumptious meal in a dining table levitated up to 180 metres high above the ground. Talk about your gut against gravity. On the positive note, you will have an unparalleled view of the beautiful city as you eat.

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How about if I accidentally drop my fork? Or even worse, my wine glass? Dinner in the sky surely lives up to the saying, “taking your gastronomic experience to new heights.” If you are wondering where this place is, it’s in Brussels Belgium! They don’t just get an amateur to work in their sky high kitchen, they are accompanied by 7 master chefs from around the world to cook delicious meals for 22 guests every lunch and dinner. Of course, they also have renowned chefs in Brussels to showcase their best cuisines.

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Therefore, this one-of-a-kind concept is what makes dinner in the sky restaurant a very interesting and most noteworthy vacation spot in Brussels. While most of the vacations we find thrilling are the type that involves physical exertion. Consequently, we want to try something that can skip our heartbeat minus the possible muscle pains. Compared to the fancy dines we are all so used to, this restaurant is exhilarating without even moving a muscle,— except our tongues and our hands!

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