Historical Dream Vacation Part II: Ancient Turkish Ruins To Epic Tourist Attractions

Turkish ruins to Epic tourist attractions. There´s no doubt that Anatolia or now known as Turkey is one of the nations with the best ancient civilization, having two spots on my list. This historical dream vacation part II: ancient turkish ruins to Epic tourist attractions blog will have its 3rd episode soon, I am just too busy to grep the websites. Not too long ago I wrote my first historical dream vacation blog entry. I listed three countries that I want to visit, but this time I´ll be particular with one country.

So here’s my bucket list.

10. The Kapalıçarşı, Covered Bazaar:

Although I doubt that I can explore the entire bazaar in just a week, I know it’s definitely worthwhile to go and shop. Who doesn´t recognize the world´s oldest shopping center? Popularly known as Büyük Çarşı or The Grand Bazaar situated in the heart of Istanbul. Through the years, an estimated 3000 shops have been keeping over 61 streets busy, selling tons of good stuff since the 15th century.

09. Nazar Boncuğu aka. Nazar Amulet:

I seem to notice that the concept and significance of thes08e eye-shaped amulets have a similarity to the¨Anting-anting,¨ in the Filipino occult tradition. I honestly think the term used ¨evil eyes¨ causes a mixed up with the cursed symbol, many frequently calls Nazar amulets as Evil-eyes as well. Even when searching it online, images of the Nazar appear in search results as evil eyes. Nazar is believed to protect against hexes or evil spells. I certainly want to have at least one of these, the only reason I like it is because of its beautiful Mediterranean design. I wonder if I can purchase a package and then get it assembled to make a curtain.

Ancient Turkish Ruins To Epic Tourist Attractions

08. Turkish Desserts: 

I have always been intrigued of these five Turkish delicacies. Cooking is one of my passions and the Güllaç, Kadayif, Kazandibi, Künefe, and Şekerpare seems interesting to make. I find it such a great idea to introduce these delicacies to friends. I do hope though that the ingredients won’t be a pain in the butt to find.

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07. Iznik Ceramics:

Yes, I understand it is another purchase. But hey! You might not want to miss the chance to get these beautiful ceramic wares that are scarce to find elsewhere. I mean they look way better than Chinese ceramics in spite of having a similitude.

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06. The Ancient Ephesus:

I like going to places that are holy and has an important story behind it. Modern name Selçuk, where the very first church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, was built. It is remarkable to learn that an Islamic country such as Turkey recognized the divine character of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. As most of us know, this is where their divine nature was questioned, discussed, and eventually approved by the council of Ephesus.

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05. The Trojan Horse:

In bold fonts, OMG! It´s really difficult to describe my excitement as to why this is one of the most significant to-dos on my list. What my mind can only express into words easier is the fact that this epitome of Troy symbolizes one of the most epic historical stories behind its existence. If permitted, I want to climb up there and take a selfie!


04. Myra in DemreThe Home Of Saint Nicholas aka. Santa Claus:

Myra in Demre is the home of the historical man that later developed into the figure of Santa Claus we all know today. Myra, is now a ghost town and yet, a popular tourist attraction. As a kid, I learned about Santa Claus as being with Germanic Europe origin, too far from being a Mediterranean. And this is why I want to visit Demre and see the real home of Santa Claus.

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03. Fairy Chimneys In Cappadocia:

I want a picture of me taken at the overlooking view of the towering fairy chimneys while enjoying a hot and fragrant Turkish coffee. I also want a picture of me taken showing the bright lights of the Cappadocia hotels behind me while in the pool, enjoying a flavored nārghile. Ugh! Dream vacation.

cappadocia night pool

02. Cleopatra´s Antique Pool In Hierapolis:

Before I take a plunge on the beautiful Cleopatra pools, I will get myself a Cleopatra-inspired swimsuit. I will ask someone to take a picture of me floating next to the fallen marble columns and plinths underneath the mineral-rich water.


image source: travelsignposts.com

1. Travertines Of Pamukkale:

I was laughing at my myself when I found out that the name ¨Cotton Castle,¨ is an English translation of Pamukkale. But I am glad I learned that now because I did not pay attention as to how Pamukkale obtained its name. The magnificent travertines and terraces are evidently one the most substantial wonders of the world and Turkey is blessed of possessing it. It would surely be great to take a picture of me here under the sunset.

Here are some websites you can check if you are thinking of traveling to Turkey.




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