HomeSick: A Reminiscence Of My Childhood Beach

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I don’t know why am I even writing a homesick story. I mean, who reads them? They aren’t really educational, except they make you pay attention to your soul. Growing up understanding the true essence of nature, I became a beach lover despite my, inability to swim. Therefore, with such simplicity, I’d rather die in the hands of mother nature, it’s the kind of freedom I am somehow missing.

The ambitious lifestyle I am currently living is just a mere superficial joy. It doesn’t have any integral role to shape how I define myself. I still appreciate the feeling of being pleased with just a simple relaxation in a hammock reading a book. Although, what I miss more is to sit on the soft sand while gazing at the bright blue sky and watch the clouds drift until the darkness takes place. I am considering giving up the high-income I earn from my current profession in the busy city of Manila for a much simpler living. It is because I am starting to realize that nothing else means more to me than being close to home and far from all the stressful life of the city.

I stated on my recent post Samal Island’s Hidden Treasure: Little Hagimit Water Falls how fascinated I am with such nature’s gift. What adds to my confidence about going back home to stay much longer is observing the vast development of Samal island and the main city of Davao Del Sur. It is much easier now to travel from the Island to Davao capital, it only takes 15 minutes by a barge.

I’m just really home sick and I really hate the sadness it brings me, perhaps all of this is, simply where my heart belongs. As a child, I enjoy spending half of my day picking dead branches and thinning them. I use it to build miniature nipa huts and handcrafted souvenirs. I also collect sea shells that I design and sell to the tourists in the Island. Various flower shops and hotels from Davao city and even from other towns purchase it for decorating purposes. I imagine it would be a great idea to stand a store near the beach resorts. What do you think?

Another chunk of this homesick story is the food. I seriously miss the unmatched grilled tuna jaws and every kind of seafood. Just imagining the charred edges fragrant with that wood smoke fresh from organic grilling using firewood. A perfect pair for a good old coconut wine. Samal Island is big enough to hold several resorts, which serve flavored coconut wine. And I remember well the funny reactions of tourists trying it. Of course!! The island has civilization. There are few banks, public markets and department stores which are very accessible.

As I get older, I’m missing my parents more often. Unlike my younger years when I was so aggressive to move away from them. Now that we are much closer and the only gap between us, is our actual distance, it gets harder. I always pray for my parents health and for them to live a long life, so that I won’t miss a chance showing them how much I love them both. My father has diabetes and although he is much better now from almost losing his life last year, he’s no longer as strong as he used to be.

I miss walking along the shore during the morning with my cup of hot cocoa in hand. Waiting for the sunrise. And as the sun grows bigger, I observe its reflection through the gentle waves glistening clear sea water. I care less of the glare despite my depriving vision. I am more than happy to do it again when I get back. But, of course, this time I have to learn how to at least float in the water. There are so many water-sport activities I want to try.

One of the weird ideas I completely enjoy when I was a kid is to sit on the seagrass. And watch my feet from above the water. It pleases me how it changes the shape of my feet under the moving water. Sometimes, I fart in the water and let the bubbles pop! I shouldn’t feel guilty, nothing can smell it, not even some tiny sea creatures underneath the small rocks. Why on earth am I even adding such silliness in this homesick story? Perhaps, it is just about missing what has been missing. Did I mention Hagimit Falls? It’s one of the adventures I’m looking forward to doing again. For now, I’ll stay in the city, save enough money and make all the things I wish happen.

How about you? What’s your homesick story?

18 thoughts on “HomeSick: A Reminiscence Of My Childhood Beach

      1. johncoyote

        I was station In Honduras for a year. I went to the Islands in Honduras and we built school houses and hospitals. Helicopters brought the needed materials in. A amazing tropical location.

  1. Raffa

    How could you not fall in love with it? It’s beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing this post with us, it’s truly beautiful. Despite that, I think that I wouldn’t be able to take the wether, I’m more a cold wether type of person 🙂

  2. thetraveltub

    been 4 years since the last time i visited home. this made me feel going home, as in now na! lol, if it’s only that easy. with the crisis here in middle east ngayun, vacation is not recommended, baka wala nang trabahong mabalikan after. 😭😭

  3. heyleelay

    My hometown is Catanduanes and there’s no day that passed that I don’t miss the place. I was glad that yesterday, I stumbled upon a website that actually promotes tourism in our province and it kinda make me feel proud, but more homesick. HAHA

  4. Charu Chhitwal

    This is a beautiful article about homecoming. I so agree with you when you say that as a young person you were aggressive to move away and now you miss them. And with the beautiful pictures I can see you are in your personal heaven.



    I did not realize you live kinda isolated from the rest of civilization. (Kidding!) I can see why you miss the place. There is that natural calmness you will never find in cities.

  6. Georgia

    I would be homesick too if I had such a lovely place to call home. Your pictures are beautiful, it looks like paradise!! It’s always when you leave somewhere to escape the clutches of your parents and then grow older to only realise that all along you crave to be nearer and desire the surroundings of your childhood. I fee the same currently, even though my home town is not as idyllic, but I do hope one day to move back closer to my family.

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