The 10 Commandments Of Hookup Culture That I Strictly Follow

Reality check, road gig, one night stand, hit & run whatever you name it — the hookup culture is a sweet taboo and we can’t control people from doing it. But there are certain factors we have to consider and understand before we go for a casual sex. I don’t tell people what do to but I can share what works for me which is why I have The 10 Commandments Of Hookup Culture That I strictly Follow.


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1. Do It ONLY BECAUSE You Feel Turned ON

My biggest lesson; a mistake could never be corrected by another mistake. So, sleeping around as a revenge to your ex will only give you another knife to plunge in your poor heart. Also, to seek desperately for someone to cling on will eventually sting you. If you have emotional baggage then might as well give yourself a break. Give yourself some space to heal and contemplate, play the game when both your mind and heart are synced together.

2.You Are Both Strangers In A CASUAL ENCOUNTER

The 2 words literally speaks for itself. You have to keep in mind that the only emotion that connects both of you together is nothing more than the sexual urge. It’s very important to be absolutely clear on the nature of the relationship, so keep your expectations low. Just rock along or else you might forget how to balance and end up falling flat on your face.


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3. Equip Yourself

I’m talking about feminine wipes, tooth-brush, mouth wash, tooth paste, deodorant,gum, an extra underwear and condoms. Anything nasal-offensive can turn up in disco parties. Sweat is number one, so don’t let those wettish underarms and inner thighs destroy your time to shine. Your flower should smell sweet and not PUNGENT! Holy Effin’ — SMELL YOURSELF after! Alcohol mixes won’t keep your breath fresh long enough, you have to be cautious of the in between “alcohol breath to sour saliva odor.” Prep yourself for the possible sexy after-party event, bring rubbers with you just in case his DUDE PISTON forgets to bomb outside your coochi snorcher.

4. Tipsy Is Acceptable But Drunk is NOT

A few drinks to boost your confidence ain’t bad but too much alcohol in your system not only weakens your senses, it will also affect both your performance and endurance in bed. Remember, in riding his bull you should rhythmically shift those buns and counter the momentum, otherwise your dehydration will swing you off in embarrassment. Even worse, plank in his bed because you’re “nauseous drunk” and let him do all the work. The fact that you need energy to keep up on your cowgirl role play, lasting short is disappointing. What a shame if he’d compare you to a blow up doll the following day — because you were STIFF. That’s a big no-no in the hookup culture.

Hookup Culture

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5. Be Observant. Keep Your Eye On Assholes. 

Being liberated is not synonymous to indecency, you are not bonking for living, so don’t go with self-evident assholes. Don’t let a guy treat you like a rock-bottom being, if he has so much gas in his skull, tell him to find a prostitute instead. Admittedly, casual sex is self-disrespect for some people. My take is that it’s only immoral if you have it with someone who is married. Reality is we all need to free our sexual urges sometimes without the need of being tied up. I’d be hypocrite if I discredit how hookup culture help us with something. What’s really pathetic is making out with a man who wasn’t taught by his mommy how not to be rude to girls.

6. Stand Your Ground.

The only 2 things you need to impress a man of is your sexual performance and your ability to move on afterwards. Of course it is given that a good conversation is essential to ignite and keep the sexual fire, enough to awaken your sleeping orgasm. “Be Sweet But Know Your Limits,” let’s be polite and not too comfortable just because you have seen each other naked. Believe it or not, many guys find it creepy when the female stranger they just shagged would suddenly become too sweet after a night of bang bang boom in the bedroom.

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7. Leave After The Deed

After all that whoopie passionate night — it means time to say ” THANK YOU FOR THE FUN NIGHT, GOOD BYE,” unless the guy is polite enough to ask you to join him for breakfast and coffee. Don’t wait for him to give you the humpty dumpty, because being kicked out of his place is one of my hookup pet peeves. Besides, if he likes you and is interested to take it up a notch he will find a way to meet you again. That’s just how hookup culture works, you can’t expect more to bloom from it.

8. Give Him Your Phone # Don’t Ask For His. 

Unless he gives you his number, as sometimes some guys do. This is the proper way of letting him know that you’re still interested to see him again but you are NOT AFTER HIM. There’s a fine line between one-night stand and fling, sometimes a supposed one-time sexual encounter could lead to another level of hookup called  “FLING.”

Hookup Culture

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9. Put Your Attention To Something Else

Yeah, fine ” you’ve got some damn good horizontal boogie last night.” Especially, when you have been without it for quite a long time. But you have to get over it when it’s done. To move on from a good nookie is easier to say than done, I know that. But STOP daydreaming about it to a point of losing your focus on other important things. How I got over it? By getting a hobby! I make myself productive by being busy with something else. Adjusting to the hookup culture is only tough at the beginning but you’ll get a hang of it. And think that there are so many fishes in the sea!

10. Know Your Intervals

Let’s break down the deets between the sheets, discipline does exist in a horny girl’s vocabulary. For me, being a free woman with so many potential hot dudes surrounding me. The preferred amount of sex of once a week isn’t safe to recommend. Again, unless there’s a FLING or friends with benefits. To keep up with that “Let’s Get It On” whenever I wish is just not that safe. I make it a point that sex should NOT get in the way of leading a healthy life. Unmindful sexual behaviour can cause many problems.

19 thoughts on “The 10 Commandments Of Hookup Culture That I Strictly Follow

      1. tough_skull

        Lmao! You do remember me? Holy S**t, I hope I am not offending you of anything. I just enjoy the new ideas you share which obviously goes to all the women who may be able to relate. Many women fails to control themselves from clinging, I find that terrible to deal with.

  1. Jazzy

    There are so many websites writing about the same subject, but so far this one is the most heuristic. It’s very obvious that you came up with this based on your experiences. Great job!

  2. Charlie Benton

    Nice 🙂 . I already found the section of your webpage where I can get to know who you are. You are asian! Awesome, you seem to think pretty much like a western person.

  3. beebeesworld

    Well you are younger than I am, but, honestly, its kinda fun tto read about the differences in sexual encounters back in the hippie days andd now. Sometimes, Im glad Im old-things just seem to get more andd more difinitive. . I will follow you blog. beebeeesworld

    1. travelingmind2anywhere

      Thank you beebeeesworld! I am pleased to know that this entry makes sense. I am definitely interested to know about the hookup culture in the 70’s and 60’s. Because the movies I have watched in those years, romanticism exist and is easily identified even though it’s just a hookup. Nowadays, it’s too casual,

      Thank you for following my page 🙂

  4. DitchTheBun

    I am all settled down with a partner now, but back when I did go out for some casual liaison I actually did follow most of these. I didn’t always leave my number though, it really depended on the quality of the encounter and whether I felt I would spend time with them as a person to work up to another encounter.
    I also found that when I was out on the prowl I was very in control and often made the first approach or the first move. I usually had a wing woman, mine had terrible taste in men so the night usually went along the lines of her finding two drunken yobbos, me telling her there was no way we were going anywhere with them, taking her outside for a smoke and coming back to another area of the club and me finding more appropriate men AKA guys that were tipsy or sober rather than drunk. No starfish or vomiting men for me thanks hahaha.

    1. travelingmind2anywhere

      Lol. That is funny, but I totally agree with you. I am a Filipino, even though this is no longer something new to our knowledge but being in a conservative culture only a few can even express themselves about this subject. I am sure many have tried to hookup and messed up because of not knowing how to internalise what they just did or been doing.

      1. DitchTheBun

        I think doing it for the right reasons is really important too. I like what was said about that. It is important that you are doing it because you want to and you feel like it, not for any sense of revenge or being pressured into it.

          1. DitchTheBun

            Yes, this is very true and let’s be honest… most people have done something like that (even if they didn’t go as far as sleeping with the person) for the wrong reasons at least once in their life. You just have to learn from your mistakes. In my case I was lucky because the guy I got with when I was doing it for all the wrong reasons was incredibly nice, sweet, charming, good in bed, gorgeous and everything a girl could want 🙂

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