HOTEL QUICKLY Last-Minute Hotel Booking App: A Tenderfoot Traveler’s New Best Buddy

What The Heck Is A Hotel Booking App?

Finding low-priced airline rates doesn´t really seem difficult these days, with loads of special promos and discounts you can check whenever, wherever. However, the most annoying obstacle to experience is the mind-bending availability and hotel rates for last minute booking. I need something as convenient as a mobile game apps I play on the phone! First of all, I am not a travel pro. Admittedly, I suck in planning a trip ahead. Other than that, I hate being stuck in a situation wherein I would be on the streets for hours trying to look for a nice hotel just to find out “THERE’S NO VACANCY.” Also, I prefer to stay in a hotel near the places I want to visit. Getting paranoid about travel preparations? I understand that

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The On-The-Go Advantage

Every amateur explorer would be pleased to discover a handy and portable way to find the best hotel rates nearby with just the use of a mobile device. Surprise! Surprise! Finally, a cutting edge app is designed to cut the chase in the most accessible way and be straight to the point of where to go as quickly as possible. Hotel Quickly mobile app doesn’t only provide the On-The-Go advantage – it also offers bigger discounts averaging %28 or more which is way affordable and way convenient compared to other online outlets. Whether you are using iOS, Android, Blackberry and other devices Hotel Quickly app gives more freedom and flexibility.

I have here the screenshots after I downloaded the App from my StarMobile Diamond D3 Android phone. So far, I have not experienced any technical problems.

I find this feature pretty straightforward. It shows how accurate the app is for a real-time check of available hotels and its current discounted rates. Another thing, it would be much better if the app releases the available hotels 24 hours, just in case you are on the streets past midnight.

Offering A Generous Welcome

Hereś another set of screenshots showing how easy it is to use the Hotel Quickly app. Just an FYI, Hotel Quickly carefully handpicked the most reputable hotels with each hotelś detail and reviews. There are also pictures of the hotel amenities. What even makes the app more exciting? It’s the $30 free credit you will get automatically after you download and share it using your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Take note: the $30 credit is on top of the already discounted rates of each hotel. Isn’t that a very generous welcome?

You can download the App in Apple Store, Google Play Store and of course, – it’s FREE! So, if you are about to travel Asia, I would highly recommend you download this now. Whoot! whoot!

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