I should have done this a long time ago

I see a lot of people having their own bucket list posted on their Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. I never did it because I wasn’t sure what are the more important things I should be enlisting on this so-called “PERSONAL BUCKET LIST.” But then, it came to a point that I said to myself “fuck it!” I have a stack of interests and I should set my goals for a change. So, as careful as I could, I warmed up the engine of my brain by drinking 2 bottles of beer and 3 mugs of brewed coffee. Just enough to get the cerebral-gears rolling inside my tough skull. Then I ranked the things that I can achieve within one year or less. I mean, they have to be achievable of course. SO, here we go 🙂 I made mine Lol.


 1. First Off, I need to Learn how to swim.

1. I am not old but not getting any younger either, I want an active and exhilarating lifestyle. Being unable to FLOAT surely closed the opportunity for me to experience the fun of water sports or even the simple snorkeling. I remember when i was in High School and a dog swam next to me.. Can you imagine how frustrated I was that a dog was rockin’ it ? While me, I was just right at the shallow area standing and flapping my arms like a BIRD soaked. — AWKWARD


 2. Get A New Super Cool Laptop

My laptop is 4 years old and its function is ebbing away.  In order for me to continue this writing adventure of finding goodies, I need a spankin’ new laptop to store my pieces of art and expression.

 celtic tattoo

3. Pierce my lip and get tattoos

I am an artist by heart and I appreciate BODY ART! I would love to get inked with a nice Celtic Design Tattoo on my shoulder blades, or on my arm. Like this sample picture here and a silver jewelry on lower lip. Yeah!!

 Sunset bike ride

4. Learn To Ride A Bike

Who does not love to see the sunset or sunrise and feel the cool breeze of mother nature while riding a bike? I still don’t find an acceptable reason why I did not learn this when I was a kid.


5. Jumped off a cliff into water

Once I learned how to swim, I can have the guts to jump off a cliff into the water! Whoosh!! This would give that adrenaline rush and sense of relief because it’s like  escaping from adversities, dispelling distress or anguish. Denoting  increasing urge to break free. A fortunate venture that I am looking forward to 🙂 .

 I spent years dribbling down the things I really hanker after and took me hours to pick what I can achieve in a certain period. It seems easy to just list down the things we want in our lives, but admittedly we overlook many factors that ascertain what is easy to accomplish based on our current means. But Hey! It’s a good way to motivate ourselves and find more reasons to enjoy life.

29 thoughts on “I should have done this a long time ago

  1. Louisvdv

    There are 3 simple steps to success (whatever that means for you).
    1. Set your intentions and get your goals crystal-clear.
    2. Take action NOW!
    3. Get results!
    “Never let anybody tell you that your dreams are to big!” 😉

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      1. johncoyote

        Years ago in Upper Michigan. A old mine left abandon fill with mineral water at Iron Mountain. Had a 100 yard jump into the cold mineral water. I went there often. Today I wished I did. Have fun and be safe.

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  4. milankagiordano

    Your goals are set. Now it’s one step at a time. Remember not to be too hard on yourself and just plug away and do it. It is all achievable! Looking forward to hearing the news when you achieve your first goal. 🙂 🙂 <3

  5. Milton Coyne

    those are very interesting goals and they are all seemingly achievable! I have so many things on my bucket list too and just like you, one of them is to learn how to swim… also part of my bucket list is to be able to travel solo hehe
    let’s cross our fingers that we can fulfill all these goals

  6. Joanna

    Learning how to swim or hoe to ride a bike it’s very easy. It might not see like that, now that you’re an adult, but just jump in a bike, fall a few times and then just ride it! 🙂
    With swimming, it’s about your confidence. Every body floats by itself, so get a bit of courage, lay on your back and just relax. You will float! 🙂 Also remember to keep your fingers tight together when swimming, so that you actually move through the water and don’t let the water slip through your fingers. 🙂

  7. Georgia

    Oh I need a new laptop ASAP! Ours is so old and I desperately want a fancy Apple MacBook! I wish I was a stronger swimmer but I just splash around like I’m drowning until I get somewhere! Haha good luck with these!!

    1. charity marces

      Yeah, I already started it. Although I dared to jump off a cliff while I am not yet a swimmer. I jumped with a friend (it was not very high anyways.)I also have bought a new laptop, both were last year. The tattoos will be the last thing I will do.

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