I Want This! I Want That! Oh, That Weird Thing!

I’m a full-fledged thinker, scarce psycho, sucker for spicy food and a complete weirdo .. Yesssssss…I love weird stuff and I can’t help but say “What the fuck is that? I want it!!” And then share these awesome strange inventions I found online frontgate.com

Covered turtle chip dip server with mesh shell dome 

An upscale turtle designed dip server constructed with stainless steel mesh cover and acacia wood base offers both style and convenience. The interior with four serving compartments and a center well for dips is also made of stainless steel for easy cleaning. The mesh cover provides protection against bugs, this is such a great product.

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French oak wine barrel cocktail table 

Let’s get drunk cowboy! This is an authentic reclaimed French wine barrel with a base handcrafted in Italy that provides both countries highly classified artistry. Available in Natural or Dark Finish. You can see more of these  European classic wine table at http://www.wineenthusiast.com/


Reclaimed Wine Barrel  is also a stylish product of http://www.wineenthusiast.com/  comes in red mahogany finish, whiskey and natural finish that will suit old west inspired lavatory.

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 Giant bean bag chairs

A pillow and bed in one! http://www.brookstone.com/ definitely understands the definition of comfort by introducing this giant bean bag chair that can also be a cozy bed. You can check more of the comfy chairs they offer by clicking the website.



Peanut shell nut bowl 

Nice Peanut! The eye catchy handmade ceramic nut bowl with it’s cool peanut shell exterior is not just a nice looking bowl for filling finger food, it is also microwavable up to 350 degrees.  You can buy this at http://www.cb2.com/



Arthur suit of armor egg cup  and  Sumo egg cups 

Aaaargggghh!!! Egg Warriors! I know for many it is a waggish idea to dress your soft-boiled eggs like this. But hey! With this cute egg holders I bet your breakfast will give smiles 🙂 plus the convenience of slicing your soft-boiled egg using your spoon without sliding off,  much easier than using your own hands right? Check them out at http://www.animicausa.com/



Big sleeping grizzly bear bean bag

“Ahhh, I can finally cuddle a bear ♥ ” Yes you sure can with this realistic looking giant grizzly bear-shaped beanbag chair, what’s amazing about this cuddly giant bear-blob is it’s knitted cover that is carefully detailed to give that realistic grizzly-bear look. And no worries about washing it because you can undress the bean bag for washing. Get this from https://www.etsy.com



Livingstone Rock Pillows 

Give your living room that rock garden look with this surrealistic rock cushions by http://livingstonespillows.com/ . They look like real giant pebbles but don’t be fooled, because they are meant to invite you to jump on them and feel their fluffiness that will surely provide you that comfortability :).



Grapevine Salt and Pepper Grinders

Antique old fashioned grinder made from an Old Grapevine! Perfectly crafted and defined  by http://winecountrycraftsman.com/. Just imagine having this in your kitchen or your own wine counter, it adds that vintage character.

Grapevine Pepper Grinder

Grapevine Pepper Grinders

Vintage Globe Bar

https://www.bar-globes.com/ never fails to please the meticulously artistic tastes of wine lovers by this renaissance inspired globe bars. It’s perfect handcrafted design provides that vintage voyage mood right in your own home.


Versailles bar globe

27 thoughts on “I Want This! I Want That! Oh, That Weird Thing!

  1. Joy Priginal

    All items looks interesting.:) I love the sumo egg cups they are sooo cute! I bet if I have the bear bean bag my dogs will be scared haha!

  2. Georgia

    That turtle, the giant bean bag and the Livingstone rock pillows are all amazing!! I could do with a giant bean bag in the living room to just dive into everyday after work!

  3. Madz

    This has very interesting things.I love the giant bean bag chairs! I could just imagine just slouching off in that comfy space. It is amazing what creativity brings to life!

  4. beng2carlos

    Oh I want the french oak wine barrel table! That is a beautiful accent piece and will definitely be a conversation starter. And the giant bean bag! I’d rather have that than a regular bed.

  5. silvergirlelle

    This post is so cool! I find all these stuffs to be soooo cute so i think i’m weird too. Lol! When i have my own home, i’d definitely look for these cutesies! Thank you for including the links of the sellers!

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