Manila East Lake View Farm: Live The Real Life Farm Ville!

Animal Friendly Neighborhood!

Who doesn’t remember the Facebook farming simulation called Farm Ville? I was once an addict myself of this game and since then I have dreamed of a home where I can wake up in the morning inhaling fresh air. It was a sort of therapy against stress and for sure many can relate to what I mean. Nowadays, we are all held tightly with the need to earn money faster, which is why we stick to the downtown living. Working as employees in companies that only operate in the cities is not all about fun. Working in a huge bustling city may provide us the easy access to all the public establishments, but doesn’t really provide that relaxation that we can only get from a green surrounding.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend dragged me to see the Manila East Lake View Farm located in Brgy. San Guillermo, Morong Rizal, just an hour away from Ortigas city. It has well-paved roads with each home, having its own small-scale farm. And yes, I mean homes with leashed goats, honey bee, chickens, ducks, vegetable gardens, fish ponds and even water buffaloes! Little did I know that Manila East Lake View Farm is not a recreational park, but an uptown neighborhood similar to the famous Farm Ville. The idea of farm living in Mega Manila is by far the best concept of residential development I have encountered.

Great For Retirement..

You can choose from 750, 500 and 400 square meters of lawn and use 20% of it for building a house and the rest will be for your mini farm and that’s exactly how it should be. What I love about this place is the overlooking view, you can see a broader image of Rizal. Don’t worry if you don’t have the green thumb, they have everything prepped for a farmer newbie. Provided with caretaker arrangements and an in-house agronomist to help you start and maintain your real life Farm Ville. For a stable water supply from a deep well. A huge water tank can be seen in the area operated by a motor pump below the view deck. Don’t worry, they have a well-built power source.

Whoops!! Ain’t done yet. Of course, they have more amenities! They have a swimming pool and playground for kiddos. They also have a coffee shop for caffeine lovers. A produce market was established not far away. And a village market where you can buy the organic veggies straight from the neighborhood gardens. There is so much more to love about this housing development and if you are thinking about retiring early but can’t let go of the city life, this is the best option for you. Curious??

Hit the “About the author” and shoot me a message :). If you want to know more reviews? Check Christian Lizardo Aligo´s say : The Manila East Lakeview Farms Challenge: Can Farming Combat Stress?

6 thoughts on “Manila East Lake View Farm: Live The Real Life Farm Ville!

  1. Scott Danzig

    This really seems like a nice balance. The nice retired couple across my street in upstate New York have a little garden behind their house… not too little, but far smaller than 300 square meters. They manage to grow enough vegetables to last them through the year, just in that little plot of land. I’d imagine with 300 square meters, people actually sell a lot of it to those “city slickers” too. Is it mainly retirees in this village?

  2. travelingmind2anywhere

    Yup! The idea is for retirees who are mostly sick of the buzzing city but can’t be too far from it. I wrote this because I definitely like the concept, it’s a great choice for those who simply wants a place to spend the weekends away from the stress of the city life.

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