Manila East Lake View Farm: Live The Real Life Farm Ville!

Animal Friendly Neighborhood! Who doesn’t remember the Facebook farming simulation called Farm Ville? I was once an addict myself of this game and since then I have dreamed of a home where I can wake up in the morning inhaling fresh air. It was a sort of therapy against stress and for sure many can relate to what I mean. Nowadays, we are all held tightly with the need to earn money faster, which is why we stick to the…

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“Everything Should Taste Like Bacon” – Even During Sex

If there’s one thing similar to sex and bacon…It is the fact that both are delicious…But nothing more than that, well.. NOT EVEN COMBINED..   We all love Bacon as much as we love Sex..But are you willing to try the bacon-flavoured condom? And of course, a bacon-flavoured condom is much better paired with a massage oil and personal lubricant that has a hint of — AGAIN,  — BACON.. But before you begin the hot-smacking, intimate smooching session with your…

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I should have done this a long time ago

I see a lot of people having their own bucket list posted on their Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. I never did it because I wasn’t sure what are the more important things I should be enlisting on this so-called “PERSONAL BUCKET LIST.” But then, it came to a point that I said to myself “fuck it!” I have a stack of interests and I should set my goals for a change. So, as careful as I could, I warmed up the engine of…

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