Travelingmind2anywhere Is Now Booyageventures, What’s With The Change?

Perhaps, I should note a little about me to refresh the mind of my readers who liked Well, I’m a blogger who took a spin. And fortunately, managed to take the art form of writing seriously by transitioning to content writing. I have been trekking the uphill trails of digital writing for over three years now. It’s been awhile since the last time I actually blogged and focused on content writing. Be it, fashion, Hollywood, technology, and Beauty, I write multiple topics. In reality, my heart belongs to blogging about food, beach life, travel.

What’s With The Rebrand?

I know some of you who are familiar with my 3-year old blog are questioning why I shut it down. And, I did it just when its DA (domain authority) is already sitting well at 18 – until 2015, which means it is credible enough for monetization. The truth is when I quit my job and created my blog I was not sure on what niche to focus on. I gave it a blog name “travelingmind2anywhere” to fill it with content based on multiple topics.

The blog is basically a pilot study. I have anticipated the rebrand to happen. I need it to hone my writing skills and figure out my potential levels for topics. So, a multifaceted blog was the option I knew to determine which topic would be of my greatest value. Of course, I’m aware that a multi-niche blog doesn’t get higher advantages for SEO and monetization compared to a single niche blog. Even with the quality content, it doesn’t have better chances to make a reliable reputation, attract paid campaigns, and sponsorships. Unless earning is just a secondary option. Therefore, earning money is not of a concern.

Content writing is what I do for a living since I ended my 10-year career in the corporate companies. It pays my bills with a little extra for other necessities and fun. I write about almost anything excluding labor issues, financial, business, sales topics. I’m just like any other employees except that I don’t need to dress-up in a business attire and go rumble with other people every rush hour. And to be honest, full-time blogging may seem like a dream come true, but for me, it is ‘freelancing.’ I may earn from it, but it’s not reliable, as a main source of income.

What’s The New Brand Name All About?

Take this as examples, what are the places in the Philippines where you can actually relax, —skipping a stay in the boisterous and crowded resorts? How about living like the locals for a couple of days instead? Spending a quiet time with only the gentle waves of the sea as the music to hear? Booyageventures is about that! Unlike Travelingmind2anywhere, the emphasis of Booyageventures is on old-school, —almost unplugged life in the tropical islands. I can’t really call myself unique from the rest who digitally express themselves in an informal diary-style way. But, I know there are only a number of bloggers out there who explore and talks about the same stuff I like.

Try to search on Google how many travel & lifestyle bloggers are currently active. You will be surprised seeing a crazy number of results. Since understanding just how many bloggers have the same interests, it helped me decide on how I want my blog to be known for. That point at issue alone had led me to a decision not to update Instead, I accepted writing projects and social media management jobs from other websites. One day, it’s going to help me become proficient in both substantial elements of blogging. I contributed a number of articles to,, and web magazines. I learned valuable tricks from them. It was enough for me to know where my interests fit in the most.

What Would You Expect To See This Time?

Luxury travel blogging may not be my cup of tea, but it doesn’t mean I dislike it. (Maybe, I’d like to catch on some bigtime, special vacations once in a while.) But, Booyageventures is about the simple things I appreciate more than having the “suite life.” Even if it means fewer chances for me to get sponsorships from full-service, resort or luxury hotels, and get paid for it, —be it.

I gave up a three-year-old blog just to follow what I enjoy the most, a getaway wherein I don’t need to worry about looking all-summer-glammed up or sip fancy drinks. As we all can relate to, life can sometimes be stressful and unforgiving. Of course, when you hit the ground you would want to break yourself free from the muggle struggle.

We can always go on for a vacation, but when it comes to travel, —a retreat is more meaningful. What’s in it for us if we consider a retreat over a regular vacation? Going for a retreat is more than just a break from your boss, YOU take a vacation from yourself. You’ll have the time to find inner peace, return ready to start your daily life from scratch all over again. Only this time, energized, and rejuvenated. I’m a proud Filipino, and I want to showcase what my country’s greatest assets. You will expect “Great finds” that will make us appreciate the power of nature, how to spend your vacation like a local for just a few days. Also, being a girl means there are a few products I love using and would love to share it with other people. They do not necessarily have to be “homemade” just for the sake of sticking into the theme. As long as they are made with natural ingredients!


Did I also mention cheap?




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