Mending My Broken Heart In Puerto Galera

De-cluttering My Mind In Puerto Galera.

The feeling wherein you knew you need to free your mind from the cage it’s been sitting in, and go out to get some perspective on your life. It simply suggests that I need to take care of my problems in the truest sense of the word. I give zero f**ks about possibly going down and out. My life without the balance of fun and play became the tedium of my long journey towards life. Who wants that?

There are many options depending on what you feel might work for you. Perhaps, you need to give yourself some space from the crowd, noise, and every possible uneasiness. Or, maybe, you need both nature and party in one place. I did just that. It’s what I felt necessary for the sake of attracting all the changes into my life. For me, my trip to Puerto Galera became a breather.

Celebrating New Year’s AWAY from HOME

How bad can this be? My 2016 and 2017 had both been quite a whirlwind! It was like my life dropped as bad as I could possibly accept to be true. Let alone I felt practically dejected, convinced that I have lost every desirable quality in me. For a while, I didn’t have much success to spout off. Not even a financial cushion to relax my head on. The sharp misery came too strong and almost worn me to the bones!

Having hit a low point, the disheartenment was even harder to get away from. Especially, that it was induced by something pitifully inadequate. By just knowing how much I don’t know, I lost the concept of how I wanted my life to look and feel like. My frustration lingered for some time. I didn’t keep it under wraps but I held its intensity for myself.

Anyway, I am not going to spill every grain of what happened. It was just a week before the New Year’s I realised I need to end my 2017 MY WAY. I found a good deal from Metrodeal , I booked a trip to Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro.

On MY Way To Puerto Galera

It was December, so I wasn’t sure how many people are in Puerto Galera to spend New Year, I didn’t care. I left at 2:00 am to the DLTB Bus Terminal along Taft Avenue, which will take me to the Batangas International Port. I paid ₱168 for the bus fee and the travel time only took an hour and 30 minutes.

With only a few passengers in the bus sleeping, — the quiteness is very provoking. The bus driver turned on the radio, but it played the song “The Art Of Letting Go.“. There it was, the muted mouths of the passengers with only the subtle honks of the vehicles next to ours. I couldn’t even feel my face, the tears just fell.

Despite the flashbacks of my happy moments with him I didn’t feel a tiny spec of holding on, nothing left. But I guess, it was a beneficial silence. It gave me a moment to look through the murkier side of my being, —my relationship.

Ignore Those ‘Helping Hands’ Who Will Greet You

You’d initially assume they are hired at the port to assist travelers. Let me just tell warn you that these men move pretty quick, giving you no chance to say “NO.” The moment they have your belongings, they will simply rip you off. Stay away from THEM!

Here’s how they do it, the moment you set foot on the grounds of Batangas Pier they will meet you with a polite greeting. Then volunteer to carry your belongings and lead you to the ticket offices. Most of them don’t really steal. But, instead of guiding you to the ticket offices, you’ll find yourself taking an excursion to a Pasalubong center.

Surprise! They will trick you to purchase their merchandise double the amount of its original price. As soon as I arrived at the port, a young man approached me, took my bag, and walked fast telling me to follow him. I knew right away what he was up to. So, I grabbed my bag and said ‘thank you, but I know which way to go.’

I got my round trip boat ticket and ready to go! Surprisingly, many foreign tourists are bound to Puerto Galera to spend New Year’s there too. We were led to a vibrant yellow boat with two massive outriggers that can hold up to 200 passengers. What I like when I got on the boat is how easy to reach the life vests. All are clean and well arranged in front of the passenger’s seat.

This type of problem doesn’t happen in Davao city,

I heard several negative feedback about FSI shipping’s customer service. What I experienced with the crew, wasn’t a “wow” factor, but it was okay. They weren’t a bunch of snubs but not friendly or accommodating enough either. You’d be glad to bump into Beynard, one of the clearing officers of FSI Shipping Inc. The man knows his job well and communicates with the passengers.

Beynard Manalo (FSI clearing officer)

It’s Easy To Say When You Don’t Take The Risk

We left the port at 4:30 am. It was a cold, beautiful morning. The sky was a canvas of gorgeous dyes of blue and gray, with the sun’s glare bursting upon the gigantic clouds. The sail is about an hour 20 minutes, long enough to get my mind flying elsewhere.

Deep inside, I was drowning thinking I could’ve been sharing the journey with him, but, the trip to Puerto Galera, was for otherwise. The silence got me teary. It was a moment my gut is pushing me to let it go, let him go, and let go of our cherished seven years of friendship and love.

The boat made it to Puerto Galera. Beynard walked me to the shuttle service that will take me to (Lucky Five Garden House.) When I reached my B&B I was welcomed by the owner, Maricel. She even prepared banana cue and coffee for me.  To my surprise, she is a fellow Bisaya!

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The room is quite big! It is for four-five people, but I have it all for myself. I know it seems odd to spend the first day just sleeping, but I needed some mental rest.


On my second day. Waking up at 4:00 am the next day and decided to check out the white sand beach for the first time. My B&B is five minutes away from the beach. So, it wasn’t really that far, plus I like where my place is located because it’s near the 24-hour stores.

I returned to my room around 9:00 am and I’m tellin ya, Maricel is a feeder! She makes sure eat enough rice. It really feels like home at her place.

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As opposed to what others were expecting, I didn’t flirt with some random white guy. We live in an extremely deceiving society, and I wasn’t down for an approach invitation. All I did was chill and talked to the locals. I sat on the sand, dug my feet in it, and observed people in their individual businesses.

A few guys hinted, but I only returned an unfriendly gaze. It was enough to let them know I’m in no mood. I was still hurting and regretting why I cared too much for someone who cared less about me. By simply remembering what could have been, my eyes were pinned straight to the sea.

Sexy Nightlife Vibe In Puerto Galera.

The darkness took over. Everyone was getting pumped for the beach party. With only the club lights, the crowd, and the loud music filling up the beach the vibe changed. It was a drizzly evening. But, none of the tourists cared about the gently and steadily fine drops, —including me.

The fire dancers and police officers were also getting ready to shake a leg until the break of dawn. I spent a few hours watching a fire dance performance with a couple of drinks. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed myself without socialising with the foreigners hitting on me. I needed the “me time” more than getting the attention of strangers.

Last Day. Finally Took A Long Walk

On my 3rd day, I decided to take a long walk along the highway, and then wandered back to the beach at 6:00 in the morning. Somehow, the long walk made me feel better, —less bitter.

I returned to my B&B by 11:00 am. I realised I forgot about my free breakfast, AGAIN. So, I ate what Maricel prepared for me for lunch instead. Every Filipino who appreciates the “Pinoy living” would definitely munch on this. Crispy fried dried Tilapia, two large cups of garlic rice, and scrambled eggs!

To be honest, I felt awkward taking this photo because it is so “touristy.” But then, I have to because it marks the day I went there and it served its purpose to me. If you want a less crowded place for nature trippin’ Samal Island’s hidden treasure. The Little Hagimit Waterfalls is one of the best I recommend.

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